Pink Jeep Tours’ Guides

Guide training at Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas is highly selective and rigorous. And that’s just the driving part. You can be confident that your guide is more than capable of handling your vehicle under any conditions. And you can be assured that all of our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Training doesn’t stop there. Most Pink Jeep Tour guides are certified as Interpretive Guides (CIG). The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) offers a credential for tour guides after successfully completing their intensive 32-hour course. Through the prestigious CIG certification process our guides deepen their commitment as stewards of the land and excellent storytellers!

We are also pleased to announce that an exceptionally well-respected international driver safety program was initiated for the guides. Used by such well-known fleets as FedEx and UPS, the Smith System was founded by Harold Smith in 1952. Sixty years later the course is offered in 100 countries and 21 languages. The Smith System is now a requirement for all Pink Jeep Tour guides.

Brimming with facts and discoveries about the history, geology, fauna and flora, your guide will bring to life—through stories and interpretation, this magnificent natural wilderness area.

Investing in the continuing education of our tour guides is a company ethic. We want you to have the best tour experience possible. If what you hear and see on the tour like the West Rim of the Grand Canyon’s breathtaking Skywalk inspires you and you come away with a renewed appreciation for raw nature, or the man-made marvels of the Hoover Dam, then we have done our job!

Let’s not forget that your guides are also fun! They love people and can’t wait to tell you what they know. Questions are always encouraged! They all have a passion for nature and an unending curiosity for life… and it shows. Check out some of our guide reviews.

In the short time you’ll spend together you may just become fast friends!

Meet a few of our Guides!


Name: Jeanne Koontz

How many years at Pink Jeep? 2 Years.

How would you describe your job? As a tour guide with Pink Jeep® Tours, my "job" is to show people that there is so much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. We live in a beautifully unique part of the country, and are closely located to so many amazing natural wonders and national parks. I say "job" because it sure doesn't feel like work. I spent 20 years as a radio broadcaster in Portland, Oregon and being a tour guide is a lot like having a radio talk show. But instead of being in a studio, I am in a jeep!

What do you like most about your job? Initially it was all about being outdoors and touring the region, but it quickly became about the people you meet. We have guests from all over the world join us on tour, and I've met some very fun and lovely people.

Tell us a memorable experience while on tour: My most memorable and poignant tour was when I took a couple to the Grand Canyon and was told by the wife when I first greeted them that her husband had early stage Alzheimer's disease and they were getting some traveling in before it was meaningless. I had him sit up front with me and found him to be a lovely, gentle man who was very curious and interested. He was so present, aware, and fun to be with. I felt honored to be spend the day with them both.

What is your Pink Jeep story? My husband was transferred from Portland to Las Vegas in 2007 and it took me a while to adjust to living in such a vastly different town. I wasn't sure where my place was in Sin City.  But I kept seeing pink jeeps driving around town and I said to myself "that's what I want to do." So I applied for a position in the customer service department thinking I might be able to convince them to make me a tour guide some day. But during the interview they asked me if I would like to be a guide... so the rest is history.

What is your favorite Pink Jeep tour? Zion National Park. It is gorgeous! It's the perfect blend of forest and desert. You see something new every time you go. Plus, you're guaranteed wildlife and occasionally a nice rain shower.


Name: Peter Seagrave

How many years at Pink Jeep? 1 year

How would you describe your job? I have a great job. I get to take my guests out on adventures to places like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Death Valley National Park, Grand Canyon South Rim National Park, Zion National Park and Valley of Fire as well as the amazing Hoover Dam.

What do you like most about your job? I love meeting people from around the world and introducing them to the desert and all its wonders. We are known around the world as one of the best ways to visit the Southwestern part of America.

Tell us a memorable experience while on tour: One of the most memorable times I have had with my guests was the time we were at Red Rock Canyon and we encountered a Desert Big Horn sheep up in the wilderness area. My guests got to take pictures that they will treasure for a lifetime.

What is your Pink Jeep story? My story is pretty simple. Friends that have known me for years will tell you that each time I saw one of Pink Jeep Tours' famous pink vehicles past us up in the Red Rock Canyon area, I would always say "that's what I want to do". The opportunity to get up in the morning and take guests to these great destination gives me great pleasure.

What is your favorite Pink Jeep tour? If you haven't guessed by now, my favorite tour is Red Rock Canyon. It is 800,000 acres of amazing sculpted red sandstone, ancient lime stone, beautiful desert plants and wild canyons etched into the Wilson Cliffs. We tour the park then ascend a four wheel drive road up to about 7,000 ft (about 2,300 meters) to visit a wilderness area. When we come down I stop at a place that has ancient Native American pictographs and Agave Roasting pits. It is a great place to get away from and contrast your Las Vegas experience.


Name: Bobby

How long have you been a Pink Jeep Guide? 2 years.

What was your previous Residence and Occupation? I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ. In Mesa, I worked for a company that took guests out in the desert and taught them survival skills and how to live off the land.

What is your Pink Jeep story? My wife was raised in Las Vegas and her family is here. We moved here in 2006 and I saw an ad that Pink Jeep Tours was hiring tour guides. I sent in a resume and the rest is history.
What is your Pink Jeep Location? I love Toroweap because it is so remote. That part of the Grand Canyon makes it so easy to connect with nature.

What is your most memorable Pink Jeep experience? I took a wonderful couple to Grand Canyon West. I really like to take pictures of my guests and I usually ask my guests to kiss in the photos, and they thought it was a great idea. All day long they had so much fun posing for the photos. I was so happy I could be part of their happiness.

Favorite Fact– There is enough concrete in Hoover Dam to build a four foot sidewalk four inches thick around the equator of the earth.


Name: Suzanne

How many years at Pink Jeep? 3 years.

How would you describe your job? Being a tour guide involves wearing many hats. You are an ambassador for not only Pink Jeep Tours but for Las Vegas and the great state of Nevada. You need to be educated, entertaining, organized and a very positive person.

How does this job differ from previous work you’ve done? This is not a time-clock type of job. No two days are ever the same. The guests that are with you that day, the weather, the wildlife you may see that day all create a very different and memorable experience.

What do you like most about your job? I love being a very real part of a person’s vacation in Las Vegas. It’s wonderful to think that a few years later after taking their Pink Jeep tour, a guest may remember some fact I shared on tour or view a photo that we photographed together.

Tell us a memorable experience while on tour? - I once had a retired geology professor from the U.K. that I took to Death Valley. She had retired early after being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She had only looked at pictures in textbooks for 20 years of Death Valley. Each viewpoint that we stopped at she cried. She never thought that she would see these places that she had studied and had taught her students about. It was very moving.


Name: Robert

How long have you been with Pink Jeep? 2 years.

What was your previous residence and occupancy? Southern New Hampshire. I was a small business owner.

What is your Pink Jeep story? My true passion is for the outdoors and I had a curiosity of the Nevada Western territory, in addition I kept wondering where in the heck were all those pink jeeps going?

What is your favorite Pink Jeep tour? My favorite tour is the Grand Canyon West Rim plus Hoover Dam Combo tour. We are the only tour company that offers this unique combination tour that provides so much in one tour to our guests.

What is your favorite factoid? Frank Crowe was the Chief Engineer for the Hoover Dam. He was the superintendent of Six Companies, the construction company that built Hoover Dam. After completing Hoover Dam, Frank Crowe went on to build Parker Dam, Copper Basin, and Glen Wash Dam and his last dam was Shasta Dam. All of these dams were important, but none approached the mystic scale or mystique of Hoover Dam.


Name: Mike

How many years at Pink Jeep? 11 years.

What is your previous residence and occupancy? I have had the pleasure of living several places while working for Caterpillar in operational management.

What is your Pink Jeep story? I have always spent most of my leisure time out in nature, camping, etc. It is such a joy to have a job that let’s me share fabulous Southwest adventures with my guests.

What is your favorite Pink Jeep location? I love Toroweap because it is the most remote and unique Grand Canyon location. It is so remote that you usually have your own private Grand Canyon tour when you are there. This is truly an experience that few people have even been lucky enough to enjoy.

What is your most memorable Pink Jeep experience? I was at the Grand Canyon South Rim at one of our stops called Mather Point, when we had a bull elk and 4 cow elk that were feeding walk among my guests. Wow what pictures!


Name: Jerry

How long have you been a Pink Jeep Guide? 9 years

What was your previous Residence and Occupation? I was born and raised in Southern CA and I moved to Las Vegas 9 years ago. I previously worked in the sales and marketing tourism industry.

What is your Pink Jeep story? I was “in between” jobs and at that time my wife was working. This of course meant I had to do the cooking. I am a much better eater than a cook. I saw an ad for guides placed by Pink Jeep Tours. I thought that sounded like a fun job. Here I am 8 years later having a great time helping guests to experience the natural side of Las Vegas.

What is your favorite Pink Jeep Location? My guests ask me this question often. I always reply ‘what tour were we on today?’ They think I’m joking but I’m serious! I really do enjoy all tours with my guests. All tours are unique: different people, different experience.

What is your most memorable Pink Jeep experience? It was going on a group tour with 20 of our Trekker vehicles to the Grand Canyon with 200 guests. What a fun day!

Favorite Factoid –That there are over 300 named mountain ranges in Nevada, including 51 peaks over 9000 ft. (2743 meters) above sea level.

Thank you again for visiting with us. We hope you choose Pink Jeep Tours to experience the natural side of Las Vegas.

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